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September 4, 2023

How To Create The Ideal Working From Home Desk Set-Up

How To Create The Ideal Working From Home Desk Set-Up

The number of people working from home in the UK soared in 2020 as a result of the country being in lockdown. But as the world opened up once again, many employees didn’t want to give up the benefits of remote working, and many businesses found it worked for them too. WFH is here to stay, with many people now working either fully remotely or as part of a hybrid model.

Back in 2020, many of those working from home had to make do with makeshift desks, working from their sofas, or even on ironing boards in spare rooms. But now that remote working is a more permanent situation for many, it’s important to find a working from home desk set-up that works for you, in terms of both comfort and productivity.

Read on to find out what we believe makes the ideal work from home desk set-up, with a little help from smart furniture.

What Are The Benefits Of A Smart Desk?

Smart desks have some fantastic innovative features that can transform your working from home set-up. Available in a variety of stylish, modern designs to suit your preferred aesthetic, smart desks typically come with integrated wireless charging technology, allowing you to keep your smartphone charged while you work. Wireless charging means you don’t need to keep getting up to find your charger, which may disrupt your flow. It also removes the need for annoying trailing wires that may cause frustration.

Our Silas Smart Desk 2.0 (available in light grey, or opt for the Silas Smart Desk 3.0 in charcoal grey) features wireless charging technology, as well as USB charging ports, in-built Bluetooth speakers, and a wipe-clean glass surface. Investing in this smart desk can help you to save on space, as you don’t need to fit extra speakers on the desk, and you don’t need room for piles of notepads or an unsightly whiteboard on the wall – jot your ideas down on the glass surface instead, then wipe it clean when you’re done.

For something a little bit different but seriously stylish, we love the Bea Smart Desk, which comes in walnut and gold, lime-washed and charcoal, or oak and charcoal finishes. It features wireless charging technology alongside a raised shelf to improve its functionality.

If you struggle to create a boundary between your professional and personal life when you work from home, desks with a drawer where you can store your laptop can be hugely beneficial, allowing you to put your laptop out of sight and out of mind at the end of each working day. Bear this in mind when you’re shopping for your ideal smart desk.

Why You Should Try A Height Adjustable Smart Desk

A height adjustable smart desk can be a great investment if you’re working from home full-time. These desks encourage you to stand more during your working day, which means you’re naturally moving a little bit more – this can support your posture and help to reduce the risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle.

Having the opportunity to use a height adjustable desk is one of the many benefits of working from home, and there are some brilliant designs to choose from, such as the Juno Smart Height Adjustable Smart Desk, which is available in a white finish.

This model has a dual motor that allows you to move from sitting to standing seamlessly, so you can mix it up throughout the day to improve your comfort levels. It features wireless charging technology, USB ports for your devices, and a handy storage drawer that’s ideal for a laptop or tablet.

Alternatively, opt for the Lana Smart Electric Height Adjustable Desk, which also features built-in Bluetooth speakers that can be operated via a control panel with LED screen. This smart desk’s toughened glass top can also be used to write notes on, and can easily be wiped clean. Choose from a white or light grey finish.

What Does The Ideal Working From Home Desk Set-Up Look Like?

Everyone’s ideal working from home desk set-up will naturally be slightly different, but we’ve put together our top tips for creating a comfortable, professional WFH set-up, whether you’re working from your living room, kitchen, or a spare bedroom. Keep the below pointers in mind when creating your work from home desk space:

  • Keep a big bottle of water on your desk – by having water to hand at all times, you’ll not only be making sure you stay hydrated throughout the day, but you’ll also be reducing the risk of distractions from having to constantly go into the kitchen to refill a small glass
  • Make sure you have a proper chair to sit at – we stock a range of ergonomic chairs to keep your neck and back properly supported while you work
  • Invest in a smart LED Bluetooth lantern speaker – play your favourite productivity playlist or a motivational podcast through your smart speaker
  • Use the right equipment – make sure you’re using two screens if you need them, as well as a proper mouse and keyboard rather than just your laptop pad. Use a mouse mat and ergonomic wrist support for your keyboard to stay comfortable and supported while you work
  • Work on your virtual call background – make sure you have a clean, clutter-free space behind you ahead of any virtual calls. If the natural lighting isn’t good, consider investing in a ring light so you aren’t shrouded in darkness during meetings. You may also need a laptop stand or even a stack of books to sit your laptop on during calls to make sure your camera is at the right height and your presentation looks as professional as possible

How To Sit At A Desk Properly

Knowing how to sit at a desk properly is important for your posture and your overall comfort levels to prevent neck and back pain. Most offices have supportive chairs and may even offer desk assessments to support proper sitting, but it can be harder to keep up these habits when you work from home.

Follow the below tips to make sure you’re sitting properly at your desk:

  • Place your feet flat on the floor at all times to support your hips
  • Sit as far back in your chair as possible – try to keep your knees in line with your hips
  • Try to sit an arm’s length away from your computer screen
  • Your computer monitor should be positioned just a few inches above your natural eye level to ensure you aren’t straining your neck
  • Make sure your keyboard is as close to you as possible – you shouldn’t have to strain your wrists to reach it
  • Try to keep your shoulders relaxed, not rounded
  • Finally, invest in a supportive ergonomic chair – recline it slightly to an angle of around 100 degrees for the best support

What Are The Benefits Of An Ergonomic Chair?

A comfortable, supportive chair is incredibly important when you’re working from home – don’t just sit on your sofa, in an armchair, on a dining chair, or on a beanbag, however tempting it might be. Investing in a proper ergonomic chair will help to support your back, shoulder, neck, and hips to keep you as comfortable and supported as possible.

Ergonomic chairs are designed to help prevent aches and pains thanks to their specially designed ergonomic features. The Maja Chair combines both comfort and style with its stylish black design and mesh backrest that provides lumbar back support throughout your working day. The chair is also designed to promote dynamic sitting thanks to a lockable reclining tilt mechanism, and there are integrated fixed armrests to support your forearms and shoulders.

When teamed with a smart desk, an ergonomic chair can complete your working from home desk set-up perfectly.

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