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About Koble Designs

Learn about the furniture company that is embracing tech.

Top angle down of the Elsa Desk Chair in home office environmentClose up of the control screen on the Cyclone Gaming Desk
In a world constantly on the move, where technology intertwines with every facet of our lives, we recognised a pressing need. To create robust furniture that works perfectly alongside modern-day smart devices?

We were so fed up with seeing amazing pieces of furniture spoilt by charging leads and paperwork, we made it our mission to prioritise over coming these eye sores. Discreetly integrating the most up to date charging stations and clever storage solutions.


meaning connected in Norwegian is the perfect name for our brand of Scandinavian designed furniture that works alongside the latest smart phones, laptops and tablets. We have invested in a team of professionals who are supporting customers on their journey before purchasing and after. Our in-house customer service team are on hand to help via phone or email to ensure you are making the right purchase or using your device correctly alongside your new piece of furniture.
Close up of the control screen on the Nora sit stand desk
Top angle down of the Gino Smart Corner Desk in home office environment

Launching our first range in 2019

We have subsequently extended our home office offer into a premium of gaming furniture, embracing the tech features to a whole new level.There is no sign of technology advancement slowing and this is mirrored in our continuous development of newness. Join us on this journey and see how upgrading your set up to Koble could be benefiting you.
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